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When you look under the bonnet of a modern car you can sometimes be excused for wondering where the engine is. The modern car hides it's engine under a multitude of plastic sound proofing covers, leaving just the oil and water accessible!

Due to the economics of mass production and global distribution, your car's performance is currently limited by various compromises. During manufacture, allowances are made for the worst grade of fuels being used and the car going many miles with infrequent servicing.

Modern cars are increasingly controlled by a multitude of Electronic Control Units (ECU's). These mini computers are now being linked and interact to control functions such as the immobiliser system, climate control, traction control, fly-by-wire throttle, anti-lock braking, stability control and active suspension. In fact there is virtually no part of the car now, which at least one ECU does not influence and none more so than the engine's management system!

With this in mind cars are not so easy to tune as they were in the past and are no longer the domain of the mechanical engineer. Using advanced methods of communicating with the ECU, re-mapping, or 'chip tuning' as it is sometimes called, reprograms the standard engine management unit with new software, akin to updating the operating system of your PC. The new management software achieves the maximum performance from the engine.

Re-mapping can improve the performance of most modern cars, including non-turbo, turbo and turbo diesels. You will find your car gives a sharper reaction, is more responsive and offers a smoother ride. As the torque of the engine is increased, so the power output increases. This means that the engine does not have to work so hard:


          • reducing the strain on the engine, considerably minimising wear and tear

          • making the engine more efficient and so reducing fuels bills

          • increasing the acceleration available

          • increasing the top speed

Re-mapping also irons out any flat spots in the responsiveness of the engine.


So who is re-mapping for?

Well, any car will benefit. From the driver who wants more power and the driver who wants more fuel economy, to those towing who want less strain on their engines.