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Q. What is Remapping?

A. Remapping a car, or chip-tuning as it is known in Europe, has become more popular over the last few years, especially here in the UK.

Modern cars have an on-board computer (ECU) which is the brains behind your car's engine, controlling things like fuel/air mixture, turbo boost and many other things as well.

Remapping replaces to original programme with a modified programme through the diagnostics port. It's similar to up-grading the operating sytem of your PC.

Q. So who is remapping for?

A. Any car and driver will benefit, from the driver who wants more power, more fuel economy or to those towing who want less strain on their engine.

Q. Can it be reversed?

A. Yes, if you are not satisfied with your remap, then we can reload your original map without quibble or any costs to you.

Q.What happens if the remap gets flashed (returned to standard) by a dealer at service?

A. We will reload the software for a nominal charge which at present is £25.00. This is covered for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

Q .Will I have to inform my insurance company?

A. You need to inform your insurance company of any modifications, however the software can not be detected!

Q. What about older cars?

A. Older cars may not communicate with our mobile interface. However, they can still be remapped. This entails the car getting to our Watford unit (either you can take it or we can can take it for you) where we have the facillities for remapping older cars.

Q. Are there any extra costs if my car has to go to Watford?

A. No, the only thing we ask for is that the car has a full tank of fuel if we are taking the car down personally.

Q. Why can’t I contact you on a landline?

A. Because we are a mobile service we are usually away from our base and have a mobile office to enable our customers to always reach us. Again this reduces our overheads, savings which are passed on to our custmers