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Anton Digital are pleased to be able to offer RedDot Racing Performance brake discs and pads at great prices.


What are performance brake discs?

We can offer the RedDot’s  wide range of grooved discs for most vehicles. Manufactured from the best graphite cast iron, the high performance discs are available with 6, 20 or 40 grooves, or as cross drilled or plain faced group "N" discs.

The function of the grooves is to deglaze the brake pads and vent gasses that build up between disc and pad during braking. As a result brake fade is significantly reduced. Also, as the number of grooves is increased, more heat can be dissipated thus greatly reducing the risk of deformation, vibration or cracking of the disc at extreme operating temperatures.

Performance brake discs offer improved brake fade characteristics through:

                                * Reduced Stopping Distance

                                 * Excellent Resistance to fade

                                 * Automatic pad de-glazing

                                 * Higher temperature tolerance

                                 * Automatic gas venting

                                 * Tighter machine tolerances


Available as a direct replacement for a wide range of vehicles and applications, for both front and rear.



What are perfromance pads? ~ Designed for the driver who demands the ultimate in braking performance.


RED DOT have also developed the XE Fast Road range of high performance pads optimised for road use. Designed to give drivers a significant extra margin of safety, these pads have been extensively tested by experienced racing drivers and various European magazines who testify that they give racing-level brake performance.


The RED DOT Racing XF pad range represent the absolute state of the art for single seater , production and touring saloons and rally cars. It is an asbestos free material thus achieving a coefficient of friction of 0.39 which is stable over a wide range of temperatures, working from cold up to 950C. Wear rates are similar to those of standard road going material with the added advantage of low brake dust on alloy wheels.


Red Dot brake pads provide a level of braking performance normally associated with competition cars without the need to build up and maintain high operating temperatures.

                                * Race Track Developed
                                * High Coefficient of friction
                                * Exceptional fade resistance from cold right through the temperature range
                                * Reduced disc wear
                                * Minimal bedding in

Red Dot Brake Pads provide low and high speed braking efficiency, reduced stopping distances and consistent brake pedal feel from cold.

Make RedDot  Brake Discs Pads your choice of high performance braking.